Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Character Wednesday9

Yesterday I had to jot down a list of all of my characters the ones that I have done a profile on, and the ones that I haven't. I've done most of the important characters, and I was just starting to think that I was running out of characters to do Character Wednesday with, but then I realized, there are so many characters that I've mentioned and created just for the characters' bios, so I took some characters from there. And wha-la we get this weeks Character Wednesday - Brandon Hanson (Tommy's father).

Brandon Jonah Hanson was born in Cincinnati, Ohio with four sisters, himself being the only son - and the youngest of Fred Hanson and Georgia Thompson. With his dad being a farmer, Brandon spent many of his days as a youngster helping out on the farm, tending to the cows, horses, and the crops. At the age of 18 Brandon took a vacation to Hawaii and met Gloria Trent, the following years they grew closer and eventually married and moved out to Monroe, Utah.

At the age of 32 his father died and Brandon inherited the farm. But, not wanting to move back out to Ohio he declined it and his oldest sister, Hannah, recieved the farm.


And that's basically it. Thanks for reading, don't forget to come back next week - mark your calendars!

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Hey, @KittyNadem - your book, A Gift From Above, is ready for your cast at here:
Go cast, and then tell your readers to 'help you cast the movie'.