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Meet Author J.M.Levi!

          The wait for the next vampire novel is not over yet, but it's certainly in the horizon. Meet this fabulous author whom has spun up a creative tale. J.M.Levi grew up in the state of Arizona. The love of writing was fostered by J.M.'s parents’ who read and worked crossword puzzles daily; J.M.'s father encouraged at an early age to keep a journal. Creating a first love of poetry followed by short stories - “Little steps lead to big accomplishments” thus J.M.'s first novel ‘MoonZeLent’ was created. Learn more about this special new author in the interview below.

     Heather: How long have you been writing?

     J.M.: I have been writing my entire life. I have written poetry for almost my entire life since I was able to form words with penned ink. Only within the last few years I started pushing myself to write down the stories or plots I so often formed in my mind with no outlet.

     Heather: Who is your favorite author?

     J.M.: Francis Patton Statham, because she combines history with entertainment creating a phenomenal novel.

     Heather: What do you recommend to aspiring authors?

     J.M.: Never give up, anything you write is worth finishing, and edit, edit, edit.

     Heather: How do you invent your characters?

     J.M.: My characters are pieces of me that I bring out and mold into something greater than I could ever imagine.

     Heather: Do you have anything in the works?

     J.M.: Yes, with MoonZeLent nearing completion, my imagination is turning to the next endeavor – Moon Phases of the Vampire Clan.

     Heather: What would you say is the neatest thing you know?

     J.M.: Success comes from within. Every single one of us has the innate potential to fulfill our thoughts. Pick a goal, and keep reaching towards it – big or little steps, you are still moving forward.

     Heather: What ws your favorite part about writing MoonZeLent?

     J.M.: My favorite part about MoonZeLent was the ride and transformation of the scenes and characters. The twists and turns seemed out of my control at times – like a great, thrilling roller coaster ride.

     Heather: Has music ever inspired your writing?

     J.M.: I would say that music has inspired me. While not directly, music is part of my life, the music I listen to has helped mold who I am – every thing from an Irish limerick or lullaby, to classical or even a rap some to name a few. I like to experience the sounds I can.

     Heather: Who is your favorite character in MoonZeLent?

     J.M.: I love all of my characters, they are my comrades. Besides the main characters, a few of my favorites would be: Levi, who I find strong, mysterious, and warrior-like, Guillermo, who breathes a fresh, southwestern air into the story, and last, but not least, Sinclair, who represents the dark, worldly, vampire of yesteryear.

     Heather: What inspired you to write about vampires?

     J.M.: That’s a good question. Everyone seems to be vampire crazy these days, and I have two teenager daughters that are no different. Having purchased every book about vampires they could possibly want, I found the two devoured the pages chanting for more. Faced with the decision of what to write, I chose vampires figuring there are others out there hungering for more blood.

     Heather: What was your favorite idea that you put into MoonZeLent?

     J.M.: My favorite idea that I put into MoonZeLent would be the use of a blood back for willing donors to feed the vampires in a non-violent manner.

     Heather: Tell us a little bit about your journey writing MoonZeLent.

     J.M.: MoonZeLent began as a challenge to write a novel in one month. After the light bulb came over my head for the title, the story plot began to fall into place. With each added character came a new adventure, twist, or turn in the story. I had couple days where I felt stagnant and wondered if I would complete my goal, but I hung in there nd soon a new portion of the book would just pour out – many times faster than I could write.

     Heather: Keyboard or pen?

     J.M.: Both. Keyboard flows if you know what you are writing about. Sometimes pen is more convenient for the times when you have a sudden idea or burst of words you need to get out before you forget.

     Heather: What do you think is the hardest part about being an author?

     J.M.: I think the hardest part about being an author is gaining respect and getting noticed. Without your book being read and enjoyed, there is no purpose for writing. I also have a fear of typos – I can not stand the thought of my book going out for the world to read with an error.

     Heather: What do you usually do while writing?

     J.M.: I have four children. Need I say more? I write, I potty train, I write, I tutor algebra, I write, I cook. I juggle a baby bottle in one hand and a notebook in the other.

     Heather: What were the circumstances surrounding your decision to become an author?

     J.M.: My daughter is a published author – she is my inspiration and my hero. She has always considered herself a writer.
     Heather: What was the biggest obstacle you faced while writing MoonZeLent?

     J.M.: The biggest obstacle I faced while writing MoonZeLent was the fear that no one would enjoy my words. I often wondered if my book would be good enough to stand with all the others.
     Heather: Some people say that you need to live life before you write a book; do you think experience writes a book or imagination?
     J.M.: I think that imagination writes a book and experience can be referred to as “know how” and “know how” can be gained in a variety of ways.

                     Super Questions:

1. I like the colors of: Cool, calm, blues.

2. The sky is most beautiful when it’s: setting—the southern sunsets or the sun setting over the ocean.

3. My favorite feature of a computer is: Undo.

4. I think inventors should invent a: program that edits for you.

5. Thing I love most in the world is: My children.

6. Things I hate most in the world are: Judgmental people.

7. My favorite type of electronic device is: laptop—duh!

8. My favorite thing that has been available before the year 1900: Words

9. My favorite thing that has been available since the year 1960: internet/windows.

10. The oddest thing you have ever written on: restaurant napkin.

     Thank you for doing this interview J.M., it was a real pleasure. And for all of you readers who are dying to check out more about this new vampire tale, stop by here tomorrow for a real treat - a very special excerpt of MoonZeLent.
Look for MoonZeLent in stores Summer 2011
Can't wait that long? Here's where you can find out more about J.M.Levi and her thrilling new novel:
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elysabeth said...

Nice interview - interesting questions. I'd seen the cover or believed to be cover on your website, Heather, and wasn't sure what it was for and now I know. Good luck with getting your book out there, J.M. The hardest part you will find now is not getting known but marketing and since your book won't be released until next year, you need to be marketing like crazy now. I've been published two years and am still waiting to get known but I've not stopped marketing myself. Social networking will be a big thing - get a fan base started so you can start building the excitement to have tremendous sales when the book is released. And marketing is a neverending process. Some days you will despise it and others, you'll just be so happy and giddy from the results that you can't wait to do it again - lol. Good luck with your book. E :)

Elysabeth Eldering
Author of the Junior Geography Detective Squad, 50-state, mystery, trivia series

Where will the adventure take you next?

J. Aday Kennedy's A Writing Playground said...

Congratulations on your vampire novel. I have gotten 8 picture book contracts, but am only now about to finish my first middle grade novel. Then I am goingb to start my memoir for the zillionth time.

I can't imagine having 4 children finding the time to write. I'm unmarried, childless and don't ave a job ther than writing. I'm jealous, admnistering a mental beating to myself. I have no excuse. Gr!!!

J.M.Levi said...

Elysabeth, thank you so much for your wonderful comment, and the tips.

J.Aday, thank you immensely for leaving a comment. Hey, kids or no kids all us writers have to write.

* J.M.Levi *

Karen Cioffi said...

Great interview. Handling 4 kids and writing has got to be tough.You're book looks wonderful, J.M.; I wish you much success with it.

Dallas said...

What a neat interview! Great questions, Heather. My favorite part J.M. was your quote, "Success comes from within. Every single one of us has the innate potential to fulfill our thoughts. Pick a goal, and keep reaching towards it – big or little steps, you are still moving forward." Thanks for the dose of inspiration! Keep up the great work!


J.M.Levi said...

Karen, kids and writing can be tough, but they are a wonderful inspiration to me, and keep me writing.

Dallas, I'm so glad you found such a great inspiration in my words.

Thank you both for reading and commenting, it brightens my day.

* J.M.Levi *

Heather Paye said...

A big thanks to all of you for stopping by, reading, commenting, and overall making this a nice success for J.M.'s first interview. I'm so joyed (is that a word?) that you all came!

Okay, now, I'll will be contacting all ye commenters off list for the delivery of the "A Gift From Above" eBook that I promised to the commenters. The eBook will be delivered July 24th, but I'm going grab your email address that you want the book sent to during the next few days.

If you get to me before I get to you, that is awesome, you can drop me an email here - - and let me know which email address you want your eBook sent to - can be gifted.

Thank you all again for stopping by, and happy reading!