Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Howl in time for Hooooooowwwlloween!

     Fall is certainly in the air! And so is my newest novel Howl, which is still in progess. It's mostly all in the first draft stage still, but I got busy awhile ago and designed the book cover, which I'm super excited to post here.

     So let me know what you think about it. Along with it, I'm posting a short summary and my cute little attackable sentence thing. If you want to read quite a long excerpt you can go to http://inkpop.com/projects/3511/howl/ I have quite a few chapters up there so I can get some feedback on it.  Anyways, here it is:

It's not a curse, it's a disease. Hyperglyocious, A.K.A the process of turning into a werewolf; and I'll have that disease forever.

Stolen from home by her newest classmate, Halle Feltcher learns what she believed to be a legend is fact. The worst part is she finds herself caught up in the spin, bitten by a werewolf, and there is nothing she can do to change that. Werewolves and humans collide both searching the same common goal: peace - what they don't know is which side is disturbing the harmony.

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