Sunday, March 21, 2010

Meet Lea Schizas!

      Meet Lea Schizas! She's an author, editor, founder of several awardwinning websites and eZines. A short trip to Ms. Schizas's website - - will show you all you need to know. She has something for everyone in terms of writing, books like Bubba & Giganto: Odds Against Them, Doorman's Creek, The Carpathian Shadows: Volume One, and her newest children's book I Don't Want A Haircut (coming soon) are of these are great examples of the different age groups she writes in. There are also many other titles she has co-authored, so be on the lookout for those.

     In her own words, this is what Lea has to say about her writing career: "Although I feel as old as the Acropolis at times, I started writing way back in my mom's womb, where I mistook the umbilical cord for some cool writing implement. Guess we all have to start at some place so why not at the very beginning, right?

     I am referred as 'Mother Hen' and funny enough, it's not from my five kids but from writers in my writing groups. I have a tendency of 'mothering, scolding, pushing' many writers back on track when they feel they've lost their writing path. So Mother Hen isn't such a bad name after all. I know my kids have referred to me with a bit more color let's say.

     I write in various genres but seem to go back to the Young Adult target group. This age group is so full of spunk and dare you just never know what the characters will do next and that is why I love to write and have a teen as my main character. Also, it keeps me young.

     Some of my favorite authors are: Stephen King, Nora Roberts, Robert Ludlum, J. K. Rowling

     Tune in to my Writing Jungle blog and catch up with my writing career, step by step goal plan on how a mother of five got to the stage she's at right now."

    To learn more about Lea stop by one of her many websites, most are listed on her main website -
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