Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Touch of This, a Sprinkle of That...

... Has gone into the creation of The Old Man Anthology, which will be realeased in only a few weeks.

For those of you living in a social hole, the Old Man Anthology is a creation for Father's Day inspired by the Mother's Day anthology, For You, From Me. It is - quite frankly - what it says it is: an anthology for your old man. A creation to hold the attention of your old man on Father's Day.

So, the book cover is in place. Me and my editor are going over the entries a final time, and after that, I'll be formatting the book and it will be ready to go. So, the release date set is May 25th. Watch my blog for future updates!

Want to reserve your copy signed by H.C.Paye? Contact with 'Reserve' in the subject line.