Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Character Wednesday!!!

Hello All,
Exciting things are going on, and little by little A Gift From Above is becoming more and more well-known. Starting July 1st I will be headed off on an online book tour! Each month I will be featured in someone's blog, or on his/her website. On the fansite calendar: you can find the details about where I will be.

Now, on to the characters! This week we will be taking a look at Millicent Potter. She plays quite a large role in the book (though she is featured only once, and for a short amount of time too) but not much is said about her. So, I'm going to give you the down-low on her life. Millicent's father (Robert Potter) abandoned her and her mother (Jade Fletcher) after her father found out that her mother was pregnant with her. So Millicent grew up in England (Millicent never revealed exactly where she lived in England) with her mother. Some roomers say that she lived in a rat infested apartment with her mother, but that has never been confirmed.

When Millicent was 17 her mother fell ill and unable to care for her anymore sent Millie to the United States for a better life. Her mother gave her all of the British pounds that she had and told Millie to be successful. So, Millie left, she turned the British pounds into dollars, went to a public college in Utah. She worked and lived there for seven years as a waitress, but as the restaurant closed she had to leave that job and search for a new one. That is when she found the want ad in the local paper "Wanted: Good Nanny". And that is what she did for the next two years.

On the third year that she worked as a nanny things turned sour and she found herself fond of the already married man whom hired her. But, still she swore to herself to keep her feelings hidden behind bars as she remembered what her mother told her.

But, as the man revealed his feelings for her she did not resist. As a result she was practically thrown out of the house by the man not un-lovingly. She lived in the city raising her little girl and keeping quiet about the situation. Feeling as though she let her mother down and failed in her quest.


Although Millicent Potter's story is a sad one, who's to say how it ends?

Next week we'll be going more indepth about Celia's friend Mari. See you then!


Donna McDine said...

Heather: Intriguing. Looking forward to reading more about your characters. Keep up the great work!

Donna M. McDine
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H.C.Paye said...

Thanks, Donna!