Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Character Wednesday4

Well, after a very long, two weeks without Character Wednesday, it's back again! And today I have a real treat for you. Drum roll please... We are going to be taking a look at Tommy Hanson today! Tommy was a very hard character to write about, there is so much about him that I wanted to write, but couldn't find the space. I mean, he could have very well been the main character in the book. But, anyways, let's move right along now -

Thomas Witton Hanson was born in Molen, Utah. His family was never so rich, his father (Jacob Lawerence Hanson) worked as a plumber, and his mother (Virgina Delia Standfored) waitress at a local restaurant just to keep up with the bills. Tommy had an older sibling, Marc Brian Hanson, he was 12 years old when Tommy was born. When Tommy turned 2 Lily Ann Hanson was born. At the age of 5 Tommy attended a public preschool, Marc drove Tommy to school most of the time on his way to work. Christopher David Hanson, Tommy's new little brother was born.

At the age of 6, Tommy's father managed to get a good job as a Neclear Physist, and as a result they moved to Monroe, Utah. Tommy's mother quit her waitressing job and they sent Tommy to an all boys school. When Tommy turned 7 another sibling was added to the shuffle: Sofia Lee Hanson. By this time Tommy was nearly a pro at caring for his silbings. Most of the time Marc was gone at college, so Tommy was dubbed THE "big brother" and head honcho of the young siblings, he broke up the fights, just as he as seen his mother do, and helped his mother in anyway he could. That year he also became friends with Celia Meyers and they found the tree house in the woods.

Things were on a steady path from there, and continued in routine, Tommy went to school, helped with his siblings, etc. But when Tommy turned 16 his parents began fighting much more than they ever had. By the age of 17 Tommy's parents planned to seperate. Tommy went off to college and that is that.


That is what has happened so far. See you next Wednesday!

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