Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Character Wednesday7

I realized today that the characters that we have left in the book are few. So, there were slim pickings today. But, I did find someone quite interesting whom gets looked over quite often. Tommy's mother - Gloria Hanson!

Gloria Ann Hanson (or previously Trent) was born in Perrysburg, Ohio. She was the youngest in the family, she had three older siblings Gayle Trent, George Trent, and Marcus Trent. Her parents (Michael Trent and Elenor Trent) owned a farm. During her teen years Gloria worked on her parents farm and then proceeded to graduate high school. After graduating high school, when she was 18, she left for hawaii for a vacation before she started college. There she met Brandon Hanson who also was vacationing. 5 years later they got married and moved out to Monroe, Utah. Where they lived for the next 16 years growing their family.


And that's basically it. I'll see you next week people!

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