Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Character Wednesday5

Today, we'll be taking a look at Celia's mother, Sarah Lynn Lauric/Meyers. It's a short and sweet story since nothing too significant happened in her life. She was your basic good girl who did no wrong.

Sarah was born in Richwood, West Virginia and grew up in a stern and strict household; her father (Fredrick Lauric) an ex-marine mostly was the one to create the strict-ness. Sarah's mother was a typical caring house wife. At the age of 8 Sarah had two new siblings, twins, Leonard and Rebecca. When she turned 19 she left home and attended a public college and studied to become a doctor. Within the next 7 years Sarah moved out to Monroe, Utah lived in a nice apartment building and worked at a local hospital. When she turned 29 the hospital caught fire and burned down, leaving Sarah without a job, that was when Sarah met Thomas, who invited her to work at his growing loan company. During the next few years, Sarah married Thomas, gave birth to her first child Cecelia Marie, and moved to a nice house and neighborhood with her new husband and child.

At the age of 37 Sarah discovered her husband was having an affair with her nanny, she thought it best to stay quiet about it for Celia's sake, and never let him know that she knew.

Everyone, please quit gasping, I realize it was completely unexpected, and it wasn't even revealed in the book, but this is definitely the fact that I always believed to be true, and how it was. I thought it was very realistic and dramatic.

But anyways, I'll see you next week!

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