Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Meet Jeremy Smiley!

Jeremy Smiley is the author of "Mice City" a spectacular children's book about Harold, a farmer who falls under the earth's surface and discovers MiceCity. What he doesn't know, is if he will be able to befriend the residents.

The eye-catching illustrations are done by Jeremy, as well. I got the opportunity to do an interview with Jeremy, read below to see the delightful results.

Heather: How Long Have You Been Writing?

Jeremy: I once wrote a short story for a school project, I was in the fourth grade. The librarian who was conducting this project, told me that my book had a lot of potential. At the time, I wasn't too interested in publishing or becoming an author. 13 years or so later, I remembered my short story, rewrote and illustrated it, submitted it and it was published. There is a rather large gap from then and now, I’d have to say three years.

Heather: What started you writing for publication?

Jeremy: I started a family. Every once and awhile, we would go to the local markets and get books for my children. I remember how my child’s faces lit up when looking at children's books. I wanted my books to have that effect on children. I wanted to share my book.

Heather: Do you have a set time when you write, or just whenever you get the urge?

Jeremy: As a writer, it is almost impossible to have a set time to write. Ideas for my books come at any given moment; I carry a notebook to capture my thoughts. I am constantly thinking of new ideas, new characters, and stories, but they come at any given moment.

Heather: Who is your favorite author?

Jeremy: David Peltzer.

Heather: Have you ever had writers block, and if so how do you get rid of it?

Jeremy: I've had writers block in the past, and predict I will get it in the future, as well. I feel that if I am concentrating too much on a character or the next sentence, I simply stand up, stretch my legs and ponder on something else for the moment. When I have gathered my thoughts, I begin to write again.

Heather: What do you recommend to aspiring authors?

Jeremy: Put your thoughts on paper, perhaps someday it will be your next book; our next great read. Never give up; never quit writing, for writing is what we were born to do.

Heather: How do you invent your character?

Jeremy: I will first write a few lines, to get a feel of the character. Once the feel is obtained I will then illustrate my character. As I write my book, I visualize the characters; their role. I usually think of someone I know or came across.

Heather: Do you keep tabs on your characters, and if so, what do you usually make note of?

Jeremy: I usually do not keep tabs on my characters, unless I am preparing a sequel.

Heather: Some authors say that they feel as though his or her characters are real, do you feel this way, and what do you think about this?

Jeremy: If I saw my characters in a motion picture or at theatre, perhaps it would shine light on the notion that my characters are real. Some authors write with such heart, passion, love and devotion which makes the characters seem very real to the author and to the reader.

Heather: Do you have anything in the works?

Jeremy: I actually just signed my contract for my sequel to be published.

Heather: What would you say is the neatest thing you know?

Jeremy: Scientists discovered an earth-like planet outside our solar system.

Heather: What was your favorite thing about writing your book?

Jeremy: Creating the story, the characters, and ultimately holding the book in your hands for the first time, the finished product.

Heather: Has music ever inspired your writing?

Jeremy: Music hasn't really inspired my writing, but it has for my illustrations for the book.

Heather: Do you like to write in complete silence or does it has to be noisy?

Jeremy: I can't write too well in complete silence, there has to be some noise.

Heather: What made you put your characters in the setting that you did?

Jeremy: I grew up in an urban area, urban, seemed to fit my characters as well.

Heather: Keyboard or pen?

Jeremy: I always write with a pen first. When I am finished with my story I will then type it and edit it on my computer. This way I can add to my story whenever I want.

Heather: What do you usually do while writing?

Jeremy: Drink lots of coffee, get up on occasion walk around collect my thoughts, then continue writing.

Heather: What were the circumstances surrounding your decision to become an author?

Jeremy: I wanted to share my creativity with readers, share my voice, my thoughts. Put my voice into print.

Heather: Some people say that you need to live life before you write a book, do you think that it's experience that writes a book or imagination?

Jeremy: It all depends on the type of book you are writing. If it's a love story, I believe you have had to experience love before you write a book about love. I've heard that imagination is a gift and it writes books. You can go to every seminar, every class on how to become a good writer, but if you lack imagination it's a lost cause. Perhaps if you have lived a little, and added your imagination, you will create a good book.

1. I like the colors of: Black and white

2. The sky is most beautiful when: Dusk

3. My favorite feature of a computer: Internet

4. I think inventors should invent a/an: Cure

5. Thing I love most in the world: Love

6. Thing I hate most in the world: Hatred

7. My favorite type of electronic device: Blackberry

8. My favorite thing that has been available before the year 1900: Music

9. My favorite thing that has been available before the year 1960: Film

10. The oddest thing you have ever written on: Napkin

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Laura said...

Heather - This is a well put-together interview, and the little questionaire at the end is really amusing.

Jeremy - You are certainly someone people should look up to. Your story sounds very creative, and I love the artwork!

~ Laura

J. M. Levi said...

Heather your blog is really a great idea and you carry it off so well. I look forward to viewing your other authors and revisiting again. Thank you for this great site.

Jeremy your honesty in the interview comes through very well. The interview left me wanting to know more about you as an author and the book sounds fantastic.